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Whiskas Adult Cat Food Pocket Ocean Fish-, 7 kg

Whiskas Adult Cat Food Pocket Ocean Fish-, 7 kg

₹ 1,351.50 ₹ 1,590.00
Limited special offer
Sobo Aquarium Heater 100W

Sobo Aquarium Heater 100W

₹ 230.00 ₹ 550.00
Limited special offer

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Maxi Light Weight Care  13kg

Maxi Light Weight Care 13kg

₹ 5,418.00 ₹ 6,300.00
Limited special offer
Maxi Light Weight Care  3kg

Maxi Light Weight Care 3kg

₹ 1,435.00 ₹ 1,630.00
Limited special offer
Maxi Adult 5+  4kg

Maxi Adult 5+ 4kg

₹ 1,749.00 ₹ 2,010.00
Limited special offer
Maxi Adult  15kg

Maxi Adult 15kg

₹ 5,788.00 ₹ 6,730.00
Limited special offer
Maxi Adult  4kg

Maxi Adult 4kg

₹ 1,732.00 ₹ 1,990.00
Limited special offer
Maxi Adult  1kg

Maxi Adult 1kg

₹ 583.00 ₹ 620.00
Limited special offer
Maxi Junior  15kg

Maxi Junior 15kg

₹ 6,261.00 ₹ 7,280.00
Limited special offer
Maxi Junior  10kg

Maxi Junior 10kg

₹ 4,335.00 ₹ 5,040.00
Limited special offer


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We do not guarantee for any products sold from If you have any problem with product

installation or use, purchasers can call or email us at and we might be able to help

and guide you to use that product.

Return policy will not be entertained causes by improper installation, maintenance and wrong way of

handling/usage of the products.

Refund Policy:

Purchasers are requested to know the desired product, read the specification and purchase the product

from Any product shipped from is broken, crake, damaged, not

working are eligible for refund policy. If the parcel is delivered in damaged condition like cotton box

torn, smashed or damaged " Purchasers" are strictly not to receive those kind of parcels, and reject the

parcel by informed the parcel outer package is damaged as the reason for not accepting the parcel and

inform us via email or call, if the parcel is accepted/recieved/taken from the courier service person at

damaged condition, then refund policy will not be applicable and will not take any

responsibility for the damage of the product if any.

Products once purchased from will never be applicable for refund at any cause


Refund policy will be applicable only if there is going to be any change in the product items,

specifications, color mentioned in However color of any of the product may vary

slighting from the image shown in and product sent to the purchasers. However there

wouldn't be a family color change of the product. The product sizes are mentioned in

inches/centimeters/millimeter/feet which will vary product to product. Purchasers are request to read

these details clearly before purchasers the product from Sized mentioned in feet,

centimeter, millimeter and inches are approximated values, there would be a 5% of + or – in the size

from the specification with the original product. No refund or return policy will be entertained if the size

difference is less than 5 % of the original product with the specification against the same. No products

will be applicable for refund or return if the purchased chooses wrong product or incorrect product

which does not fit his/her desired use.

Applying all the above condition, if the product is eligible for refund or return, purchasers should send

an email to with the reason for return Cleary mentioned, based on the terms of

refund policy, will validate it and approve or deny the refund of product. Purchaser has

to take care of transportation charge for all refund policy applicable product/spare parts. Further refund

is approved from, will return only the product invoice amount + sale

tax amount + transportation charge amount to the purchaser’s bank account within 15 days from the

date the product delivered back to, all communication respect to refund will be

communicated only through email Refund policy will be accepted only if all the

materials/accessories/catalog/user manual/original invoice/product box/cables/wires/fittings/spare

fittings alone with product to be send by the purchases to

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